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International Courier Service

UGX (U-Global Express)

UGX is a reliable international courier service that supports your business.

Service Description

UGX is an international small-lot delivery service provided in affiliation with the leading foreign distribution operators.
The service makes it easy to securely send goods, samples, gifts and other items overseas.

UGX Features

  • Waybill and invoice easy to create with online shipping!
  • Door to door delivery to the destination address (home or office)!
  • Possible to trace the whereabouts of the package!
  • Smooth customs clearance by the overseas customs agents!
  • Customs duty can be paid both upon shipping or delivery!
  • Collection at your designated location (Pick-up)!
  • Fuel surcharge does not apply!

Optional Services

We provide optional services in order to satisfy the needs of our customers. You can select them while creating the waybill online.

Terms of Use etc.

Transportation Rates


Please check here to confirm about the investigation request and our company's scope of responsibility in case of package damage, loss, delay in delivery or other accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the frequently asked questions by our customers.

International Courier Service UGX FAQs (Japanese) (PDF:704kB)

Contact Us

For Customers Interested in Using the Service

Please feel free to inquire if you are interested in using the service or obtaining a more detailed explanation and a quotation.

Please make an inquiry using our Sales Call and Quotation form.
Our salesperson will visit your office directly.

Inquiries about the Service

For inquiries about UGX-related services, please contact "International Courier Service UGX Support Desk".

"International Courier Service UGX Support Desk" Contact Details

Free dial E-mail

Free dial

[Monday to Friday 9:30~18:00]

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays, Public Holidays, New Year Holidays


[Monday to Friday 9:30~18:00]

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays, Public Holidays, New Year Holidays

  • Please note that your e-mail may be responded to on or after the next business day, so make a phone call in case your inquiry is urgent.
  • Depending on the subject of your inquiry, we may contact you by phone instead of e-mail.

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