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Investigation Request

If the package is damaged, lost or delayed during transportation, we can carry out an investigation based on the customer's request.
To apply for an investigation, please either call International Courier Service UGX Support Desk (0120-09-5931) or submit a special form to the post office from where the item was shipped.
Special Forms for Investigation (Japanese)(PDF:170kB)

Note Investigation application period

Investigation application can only be accepted within 14 days from the shipping date if the package was damaged or the contained items were lost, 21 days from the date the package was received by the addressee if the delivery was delayed, and 120 days from the date the label was issued if the package disappeared or was lost.

Indemnification・Delay Compensation

Our company's responsibility for damage, disappearance or loss of a package shall not exceed 19SDR per 1kg of the damaged package or 10,000 yen per package, whichever is higher (for details on the upper limit of the claimable amount as well as our indemnification policy, please check the transportation terms and conditions of the Yu Global Express).
If you wish to expand the coverage beyond the upper limit, you can choose to add insurance. For details, please check the optional services.
However, please note that compensation in case of delay does not exceed the shipping fee of the package.

Reference U-Global Express Transportation Conditions

To confirm U-Global Express Transportation Conditions, please refer to the link below.

Reference SDR Conversion Rate

For details on the conversion rate between SDR and Japanese yen, please check the link below.

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