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Special Mailbags for Printed Matter

This is a convenient shipment method when sending a large amount of printed materials. You can send up to 30 kg of printed materials at once (for some countries the limit is 20 kg).

What are Special Mailbags for Printed Matter?

  • These bags are a convenient way for a sender to mail a large quantity of printed matter to the same address.

    Printed Matter

  • The printed materials should be placed in a special mailbag.
  • Under certain conditions, you can also send magnetic disks together with printed matter.
  • Items up to 30kg can be sent (up to 20kg when sent to the UK, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and North Korea).
  • Airmail, SAL and surface mail shipping methods are available.

    Comparison of Shipping Methods


Save money compared to sending a large number of packages containing printed matter individually.

Optional Services

  • Registered mail (*excluding the USA and Canada)
  • Advice of delivery

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Post Offices Offering Insured Mail Services (including annexes)

Area Prefecture Name of Post Office
Hokkaido/Tohoku Hokkaido Asahikawa Chuo Post Office, Otaru Post Office, Obihiro Post Office, Kitami Post Office, Kushiro Chuo Post Office, Sapporo Chuo Post Office, Tomakomai Post Office and Hakodate Chuo Post Office
Aomori Aomori Chuo Post Office, Aomori-nishi Post Office and Hachinohe Post Office
Iwate Morioka Chuo Post Office
Miyagi Ishinomaki Post Office and Sendai Chuo Post Office
Akita Akita Chuo Post Office
Yamagata Yamagata Chuo Post Office
Fukushima Iwaki Post Office, Koriyama Post Office and Fukushima Chuo Post Office
Kanto Ibaraki Tsukuba-gakuen Post Office, Tsuchiura Post Office and Mito Chuo Post Office
Tochigi Utsunomiya Chuo Post Office and Utsunomiya-higashi Post Office
Gunma Takasaki Post Office and Maebashi Chuo Post Office
Saitama Kawagoe Post Office, Kawagoe Nishi Post Office, Kumagaya Post Office, Saitama Shintoshin Post Office, Saitama Central Post Office, Shin Iwatsuki Post Office and Shin Koshigaya Post Office
Chiba Urayasu Post Office, Chiba Chuo Post Office, Narita Post Office and Matsudo Minami Post Office
Tokyo Akasaka Post Office, Kanda Post Office, Koishikawa Post Office, Kojimachi Post Office, Shiba Post Office, Shibuya Post Office, Shinjuku Post Office, Shinjuku-kita Post Office, Takanawa Post Office, Tachikawa Post Office, Nihonbashi Post Office, Hachioji Post Office, Harumi Post Office, Hongo Post Office, Musashino Post Office, Ginza Post Office, Tokyo International Post Office, Tokyo Tama Post Office, Azabu Post Office, kyobashi Post Office and Tokyo Chuo Post Office
Kanagawa Ayase Post Office, Kanagawa Post Office, Kawasaki Chuo Post Office, Kawasaki-higashi Post Office, Kawasaki-minato Post Office, Hiratsuka Post Office, Yokohama Chuo Post Office and Yokohama-minato Post Office
Yamanashi Kofu Chuo Post Office
Chubu Niigata Takada Post Office, Nagaoka Post Office, Niigata Chuo Post Office and Niigata-naka Post Office
Nagano Iida Post Office, Ueda Post Office, Okaya Post Office, Nagano Chuo Post Office, Matsumoto Post Office and Suwa Post Office
Toyama Toyama Chuo Post Office, Toyama Nishi Post Office, Toyama Minami Post Office
Fukui Fukui Chuo Post Office
Ishikawa Kanazawa Chuo Post Office and Shin Kanazawa Post Office
Shizuoka Shizuoka Chuo Post Office, Numazu Post Office and Hamamatsu-nishi Post Office
Aichi Toyohashi-minami Post Office, Nagoya Nishi Post Office and Nagoya-naka Post Office
Gifu Gifu Chuo Post Office
Mie Tsu Chuo Post Office and Yokkaichi Post Office
Kinki Shiga Otsu Chuo Post Office
Kyoto Kyoto Chuo Post Office, Sakyo Post Office and Fukuchiyama Post Office
Osaka Osaka-kita Post Office, Osaka-nishi Post Office, Osaka-higashi Post Office, Osaka-minami Post Office, Sakai Post Office, Suita Post Office, Tennoji Post Office, Fuse Post Office, Yao Post Office, Osaka Chuo Post Office, Kitahama Post Office and Senba Post Office
Hyogo Amagasaki Post Office, Kobe Chuo Post Office and Himeji Post Office
Nara Nara Chuo Post Office
Wakayama Wakayama Chuo Post Office
Chugoku Tottori Tottori Chuo Post Office and Yonago Post Office
Shimane Izumo Post Office and Matsue Chuo Post Office
Okayama Okayama Chuo Post Office and Kurashiki Post Office
Hiroshima Aki-saijo Post Office, Onomichi Post Office, Kure Post Office, Hiroshima Chuo Post Office, Hiroshima-nishi Post Office, Fukuyama Post Office and Fukuyama-higashi Post Office
Yamaguchi Shimonoseki Post Office, Tokuyama Post Office and Yamaguchi Chuo Post Office
Shikoku Tokushima Tokushima Chuo Post Office
Kagawa Takamatsu Chuo Post Office and Takamatsu-minami Post Office
Ehime Matsuyama Chuo Post Office and Matsuyama-nishi Post Office
Kochi Kochi Chuo Post Office and Kochi-higashi Post Office
Kyushu/Okinawa Fukuoka Hakata-kita Post Office,Fukuoka Chuo Post Office and Moji Post Office 
Saga Saga Chuo Post Office
Nagasaki Nagasaki Chuo Post Office
Kumamoto Kumamoto Chuo Post Office
Oita Oita Chuo Post Office
Miyazaki Miyazaki Chuo Post Office
Kagoshima Kagoshima Chuo Post Office
Okinawa Naha Chuo Post Office

Usage Requirements and Precautions

  • A customs declaration form (CN22/CN23) must be affixed to postal items containing articles with a declarable value, such as books and periodicals, that may be subject to customs inspection by the destination country. (For details of the conditions in each country, please check "the conditions of sending by country" (in Japanese only).)
    When sending such items, EAD transmission are mandatory. They must therefore be sent with labels created via the International Mail My Page Service*.
    • Regarding shipping type, please select "Letters/Other" or "Letters/Other (Registered)".

International Mail My Page Service

Creating an address tag using the International Mail My Page Service label

  1. Insert the issued shipping label into the dedicated pouch.
    • Do not insert yet attached documents, such as CN23 customs declaration or invoices.
  2. Attach the pouch so that the address tag is pinched in between.
  3. If there are any attached documents, such as CN23 customs declaration or invoices, fold them twice and insert them into the pouch. In this case, make sure that the shipping label is not hidden inside the pouch.
    • The seal of the pouch will be closed at the post office upon submission.

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