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Optional Services


By paying an insurance fee as specified in the Shipping Fees Schedule in addition to shipping fee, you can have your items insured up to 2,000,000 yen provided that it does not exceed the value of the goods shipped with UGX.
If by any possibility your package is lost or damaged, we will indemnify the amount of actual damages to the extent of the insured amount you declared.
For information on compensation in cases where the insurance was not applied, please check the Indemnification section.

Additional Services

Lithium Batteries

In order to ensure transport security, lithium batteries and lithium metal batteries can only be shipped if they satisfy the following conditions set forth in the "Handling of Non-Hazardous Articles" of the relevant regulations.
Please be advised that no extra transport or other charges apply when sending lithium batteries.

  • Lithium content as well as electric energy of the lithium batteries should not exceed the criteria below.
  Lithium Metal Batteries Lithium Ion Batteries
Type(※1) Lithium content(※2) Electric energy(※3)
Single cell 1g 20Wh
Assembled battery
(Battery pack)
2g 100Wh
※1 "Single cell" refers to a single battery and "assembled battery (battery pack)" refers to a combination of single cells.
※2 Lithium content (g) can be calculated by multiplying rated capacity (Ah) by 0.3(g/Ah). However, in general it is not displayed on the body of a lithium metal battery, so please contact the manufacturer of the battery to obtain the information.
※3 Electric energy is calculated by multiplying electric voltage (V) by rated capacity (Ah).
Electric voltage and rated capacity are usually displayed on the body of a lithium ion battery.
  • Standards of packing for shipping of lithium batteries should satisfy the regulations that apply to cases when the battery is enclosed in the same parcel with the device and when it is embedded or built into it respectively.

Note Standards of Packing for Lithium Batteries

In order to send lithium batteries, it is necessary to fulfill the standards of packing in line with the shipping method. For details, please check the Terms of the International Courier Service (Lithium Batteries) (Japanese Edition) (PDF:297kB).

  • The lithium battery should not be inapplicable for handling as a non-hazardous article due to its damaged condition (i.e. it cannot be an item shipped back to the manufacturer due to malfunction or recall).
  • "Lithium Batteries Transport Accompanying Documents" should be filled out as required and submitted.

Reference Lithium Batteries Transport Accompanying Documents

  • The waybill and invoice should contain the detailed product name of the lithium battery.

Reference When Sending the Device Only

If you are only shipping the device that requires a lithium ion battery or a lithium metal battery without sending the battery, please write "No lithium battery" on your waybill and invoice.

  • The submitted package should have a filled-out "Label for Lithium Batteries" attached to it (its whole surface area).

Examples of Attachment

(1)The same side as the waybill (2)When placed in a way that the addressee's name in the waybill faces the sender, it should be attached to the front side. (3)If it cannot be attached, please use a separate pasteboard. (Note) Please do not bend the label.

Note Label for Lithium Batteries

  • • The items should be packed according to the Section ii of the following standards of packing stipulated in ICAO Technical Instructions and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations: 965 (Lithium Ion Batteries: Body), 966 (Lithium Ion Batteries: Enclosed), 967 (Lithium Ion Batteries: Embedded/Built-in), 969 (Lithium Metal Batteries: Enclosed), 970 (Lithium Metal Batteries: Embedded/Built-in).

Note Countries That Do Not Accept Lithium Batteries

There are countries that do not accept lithium batteries. For details, please check the International Mailing Conditions List.

Special Provision

Notwithstanding the description of service content herein, a request under a special provision may be accepted provided that it complies with the applying treaty or law.

Acceptance Method

UGX utilizes both shipping over the counter and collection.

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