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Express Mail Service(EMS)

Top priorityamong international mails is placed on this service. Our fastest delivery service.

EMS for Business

Other International Mail Services

International Postcards: This is a special postcard for international airmail, which can be sent to any country in the world for a flat rate. More
International Reply Coupon International Reply-Paid Coupon is used when you do not wish to have the addressee pay the return postage. More
Aerogrammes This is a sheet of stationery that folds into its own envelope with printed prepaid postage. More

For Business

Our sales person will visit you.

Our sales person will visit directly to your office !
We will provide consulation to our customers for cost effective use of EMS service.

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Comparing respective shipping types

We will describe the details of Airmail/Surface mail and Economy Air (SAL).

Comparing Shipping Types


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