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International Business Reply Service (IRBS) Charge

IBRS is a service where a domestic addressee pays the postage and handling charge upon delivery of international mail so that the overseas sender does not have to pay the postage. This is a convenient service when sending questionnaires or purchase orders to a mail order business overseas. The service is available throughout the world.


The addressee must pay the postage and handling fees upon delivery of the mail or when receiving the mail at the post office (post-payment is also acceptable).


Type Dimension Weight Rates
Letters Length・・・14~23.5cm
Up to 25 grams 130 yen
More than 25 g up to 50 g 210 yen
Postcards Length・・・14~14.8cm
- 100 yen

Service Charge

Articles delivered to a post office box by postage-deferred payment. 15 yen per mail
Articles delivered to a post office box 20 yen per mail
Postage-deferred payment 20 yen per mail
Others 26 yen per mail
  • The handling fee listed below is the same as that for the domestic counterpart.

Countries available for this service

The service is available throughout the world.

How to write:

Print the required information clearly in black, green, or blue ink on the mail.

  1. The size is expressed in millimeters.
  2. Indicate that it is airmail (print or put a sticker) in (1).
  3. The frame thickness of (2) should be 0.5 mm or more. Indicate “NO POSTAGE NECESSARY IF MAILED TO JAPAN” and “International Business Reply Service” within the frame. Draw a thick slanted line so that it crosses the frame as shown above.
  4. In (3), indicate the return due date, the name of the post office that granted the approval, and the approval number in English.
  5. The frame thickness of (4) should be 0.5 mm or more and those who wish to use a post-payment system for the payment of the IBRS charge must make a double frame by drawing a smaller frame within the outer frame.
  6. The line thickness of (5) should be 3 mm, and between the two lines, indicate “INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REPLY MAIL/RESPONSE PAYEE” and “JAPAN” in 20-point character size.
  7. In (6), print the address and name of the addressee in Japanese, but you must indicate the prefecture and country in English.

Conditions for Use

  1. The domestic addressee must obtain the approval of the Postmaster of the distribution office in advance by submitting a sample of the envelope, postcard, or printed material.
  2. The addressee must print the required information on the envelopes or postcards.
  3. In order to use this service, the number of return envelopes or postcards must be 100 or more.
  4. The applicant for this service (domestic addressee) is required to set a due date for return within two (2) years following the approval.

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