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International Mail My Page ServiceWhat is International Mail My page Service?

There are the "Online Shipping Tool" for PCs, and the "International Mail My Page for Yu-Pri Touch," which allows printing using "Yu-Pri Touch" at post offices by using a smartphone.

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International Mail My Page Service

What is EMS Label printing online registration Service?

  • When sending many packages to one address at a time, avoid tiresome repetitive work.
  • It's convenient to have EMS labels ready at hand when you have to send sudden dispatches.
  • This service will be stopped on 2020 January 31.

What is the Online Shipping Tool?

  • All kinds of printing including invoices and documents necessary for sending EMS and International ePacket Light items.
  • An address book and data on the contents can be registered.
  • New invoices can be created by using the records of invoices created in the past.

A special pouch (dispatch form bag) is a must to use the Online Shipping Tool.
Please apply through website of the My Page Service in advance.

What is “My Calendar”?

  • Make a record of your memorable dates, events and work related schedule.
  • Print out the labels and make online shipments easily by recording the receivers’addresses related to your schedule.
  • Look up national holidays of the major countries and track of the number of the Sshipments you made by date.


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How to Use/FAQs for the International Mail MyPage Service

How to Use the International Mail MyPage Service
FAQs about the International Mail MyPage Service

International Mail My page Service Office

E-mail (Only for My page service)
Telephone number:0570-015-155 (Japanese Version Only.) (phonecalls are charged - calls not accepted from PHS and IP telephony)
Opening hours:10:00~17:00(except for Sat, Sun and public holidays from Dec 29 - Jan 3)

Inquiry regarding EMS service

Customer service consultation center

Free call: 0120-5931-55 (Japanese)
Mobile phone users: 0570-046-666 (Japanese)
Non Japanese users: 0570-046111 (English)
Customer will be charged for phone calls (calls not accepted from PHS)
Information service: [weekday] 8:00-22:00 [Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] 9:00 - 22:00

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