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Greeting cards

If a greeting card such as a birthday card or Christmas card weighs 25 grams or less and is completely sealed, you can post it as a standard-sized air letter. This is applied to rectangular-shaped cards only. The item should be identifiable as an announcement or greeting card by having the phrase “Greeting Card” (or a similar phrase, such as “New Year’s Card,” “Xmas Card,” “Birthday Card) clearly displayed on it, or by telling the staff the nature of the item when mailing it.

Service Details

  Greeting cards
Maximum size Minimum size

Length + Width + Thickness = 90 cm
(permissible deviation 2 mm)
provided the maximum length is 60 cm
(permissible deviation 2 mm).

a (length): 60 cm
a + b + c = 90 cm

Length: 14 cm
Width: 9 cm
(permissible deviation 2 mm)


Less than 25g

  • If the size of a mailpiece is within the limits, the postal charge is determined by the weight alone.
First Zone(Details 120 yen
Second Zone(Details 120 yen
Third Zone(Details 140 yen
Fourth Zone(Details 140 yen
Fifth Zone(Details 160 yen
  • Common rate for respective zones
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