International Mail


There are two types: Standard-sized Mail and Nonstandard-sized Mail. With this service, letters and documents weighing up to 2 kg can be sent.

Service Details

  Standard-sized Mail Nonstandard-sized Mail
Dimension Long side: 14~23.5cm
Short side: 9~12cm
Thickness: up to 1cm
Longest side: 60 cm
Length + Width + Height = 90 cm
  • for rolled item,
    Diameter×2 + Length = 104 cm
Weight Up to 50g Up to 2kg
  • Mail weighing more than 50 g is treated as nonstandard-sized mail even if the size is within the limits.
Shipping Type Airmail
Surface Mail
  • SAL is not available for this service.

Comparing shipping methods

Option Services
(Special Service)
Registered Mail
Advice of Delivery
Insured Mail

Option Services

Articles that can be sent as Letters

Articles that can be sent as Letters Documents
For example, this includes letters, business papers, magazines, CDs and IC cards.

Details of items considered to be documents

Articles that cannot be sent as Letters Merchandise
Merchandise cannot be sent as letters even though it may come under the examples of documents. It is possible to send merchandise if it is for noncommercial use (e.g., merchandise purchased from a shop and sent to friends as a gift).
Items not considered to be documents cannot be sent as letters.
For example, this includes clothes, dolls, foods, and stationary.


If the size of a mailpiece is within the limits, the postal charge is determined by the weight alone.

Check rates and delivery days

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Usage Requirements and Precautions

  • A customs declaration form (CN22/CN23) must be affixed to items containing articles with a declarable value that may be subject to customs inspection.
    Please note that especially when sending books, calendars and CDs/DVDs as letters, items may be subject to customs inspection in the destination country/territory and returned to the sender due to a missing customs declaration form.
    When using the International Mail My Page Service, shipping labels and customs declaration forms can be created at once.
    • Regarding shipping type, please select “Letters/Other” or “Letters/Other (registered mail)”.

International Mail My Page Service

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