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International Courier Service

UGX(U-Global Express)

Important Reminders

  • Items cannot be shipped to P.O. Box.
  • We do not handle unaccompanied goods.
  • Recording mediums such as DVDs and CD-Rs cannot be shipped as documents or business papers. Please provide correct description of the items when filling out a waybill and invoice.
  • Please note that depending on the shipped items appropriate documentation may be required (i.e. certificate of origin, certificate of exportation, sanitary certificate, export inspection declaration, sales certificate).
  • Waybills and invoices should be filled out in English.
  • The items' delivery may be delayed or it may be not delivered due to the conditions of the package, customs clearance and quarantine circumstances as well as the weather conditions and other reasons.
  • If the addressee is absent during the first delivery and the item cannot be delivered on the following day, as a rule the package would be promptly returned to the sender. (It does not apply to cases where the sender chose "package disposal" in case of non-delivery option.)
  • Depending on each country's situation, items that cannot be shipped may change or we may stop servicing a certain destination.
  • As a rule, export and import customs clearance and local transportation are not carried out on weekends and local public holidays.
  • Indemnification procedures in case of postal accidents are generally processed with the sender.
  • Please keep the copy of your waybill at hand.
  • Our company reserves the right to change, revise or amend this service without prior notice.
  • For details of the contract for this service, please check the transportation conditions of Yu Global Express (UGX).

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