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UGX(U-Global Express)

Size and Weight Limits;
Handling Countries and Territories

Size and Weight Limits

Size and weight limits are as follows.

Size Weight

Length under 1.5m;
Length + girth under 3 m


Under 30kg

Reference If length and weight are exceeded

If length and weight of your package exceed the limit, please contact "International Courier Service UGX Support Desk" at 0120-09-5931.

Note Minimum size and weight

Minimum size and weight are 14cm for length and 9cm for width. (In case of roll-shaped items, length + diameter × 2 = 17cm.)

Handling Countries and Territories

UGX is available at 51 countries and territories as described below.

  • UGX Service to Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Macau, Maldives and Russia has been temporarily suspended as of April 2023.
Territory Country and Territory Names
East Asia Korea, Taiwan, China, Macau, Hong Kong
South-East Asia Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thai, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia
West Asia India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Maldives
Oceania Australia and New Zealand
Europe (1) Ireland, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Swiss, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Finland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg
Europe (2) Estonia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russia
North America Canada, United States of America

Note Inapplicable Territories

Please note that deliveries cannot be made to some countries and territories.
For details, please check the "Terms of the International Courier Service (Inapplicable Territories) (Japanese) (PDF:18kB)".

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