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Insured Mail

This is a service that applies when the items accepted for delivery get damaged or lost. In such cases it is possible to receive recompense for actual damages within the framework of the insured value stated by the sender at the moment of shipment.

Get insurance for important mails !

It is possible to insure the content of your postal items. We recommend you to insure your postal items, when you send important mail including valuable articles abroad.

Mail that can be insured Airmail Letter-Post (Only Letters) and Parcel Post
Post Offices with Insured Mail Services Collection Post Office or post offices designated by Japan Postal Service Public Corporation
Premium Up to 2 million yen. The maximum insured value varies by country.
Rates Letter Post (Only Letters) Insured value up to 20,000 yen
+510 yen
Over 20,000 yen in insured value,
50 yen extra for each additional 20,000 yen or fraction thereof.
International Parcel Post Insured value up to 20,000 yen
+400 yen

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