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Dangerous goods cannot be sent by international mail.

Make sure that there are no dangerous goods in your item before mailing it, such as explosives that could potentially endanger airplanes carrying mail.

What are dangerous goods regulations?

Dangerous goods refers to items stipulated by relevant aviation laws and regulations that may endanger the safe operation of aircraft or pose a danger to the aircraft/airport facilities, and items that may pose a hazard to the health of passengers, crew, or airport employees.

Major examples of dangerous goods.

For example, the following cannot be sent.

  • Relevant Laws and Regulations (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism homepage)
  • Note 1 & 2: Infectious agents and radioactive material are excl uded if they are sent in accordance with the provisions of the International Mail Terms and Conditions.
  • Note 3: Lithium batteries installed inside equipment (limited t o those meeting certain criteria) can be posted as international mail. (This service is not available to certain countries and territories.)

Dangerous goods declaration for international mail

When sending goods by international mail, it is necessary to declare the contents on a dangerous goods declaration form. Please use this form.

Dangerous Goods Declaration Form for International Mail (PDF1.45MB)

  • Note that there are some items that cannot be sent via international mail due to laws, treaties and other restrictions.

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Does your package contain any dangerous goods?

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