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Hazardous materials - Explosives

Please note that laws/provisions prohibit certain articles sent by international mail.

Also, the destination country may also restrict certain articles to be sent.

International Mail Conditions.

Hazardous materials - Explosives

  1. Explosive substances.Excluding highly hazardous ones categorized in other groups
  2. Explosive articles. Excluding ones that that generate no jet, flame, heat, smoke, or loud noise to the outside through accidental ignition or explosion during transport, if they are limited in amount, or devices that contain such articles.
  3. Other articles and substances that are not applicable to (1) or (2) but are designed to generate actual explosive and/or combustion effects.
  4. Category
    • Articles and substances that may produce a strong explosion
    • Articles and substances that may generate a jet flame but do not produce a strong explosion.
    • Articles and substances that may burn and/or generate a weak blast or jet but do not produce a strong explosion.The materials under this category include:
      • Articles and substances that generate a large amount of radiant heat,
      • and articles and substances that generate weak blast and/or jet while burning.
    • Articles and substances that do not pose a significant danger (may pose only a non-serious danger) when they ignite or explode during transport.Possible danger must not damage anything but the packages, jet considerably large fragments or small fragments.Fire on the package must not induce an instant explosion of the contents.
    • Substances that may produce a strong explosion but have almost no possibility of explosion or burning that may lead to an explosion under normal transport conditions because they have very low reactivity.At minimum, they must not explode during fire tests.
    • Articles that have no possibility of a strong explosion and have very low reactivity.This category includes explosive substances with very low reactivity, which has no possibility of accidental explosions or propagation.
    • The danger of the articles under category F refers only to explosion of single articles.
  5. Examples: nitroglycerine, detonators, igniters, fuses, flares, ammunition, and pyrotechnics

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