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Nonmailable Articles in International Mail

Hazardous materials - Other harmful substances and goods that contain environmental toxins

Please note that laws/provisions prohibit certain articles sent by international mail.

Also, the destination country may also restrict certain articles to be sent.

International Mail Conditions.

Hazardous materials - Other harmful substances and goods that contain environmental toxins

  1. Substances and articles that may pose a danger during air transport that are not applicable to the other categories. The materials under this category include the other prohibited substances, magnetized substances, and the other articles and substances.
  2. Other prohibited materials: Liquid or solid materials that remarkably irritate or annoy passengers and flight attendants or have an anesthetizing or deleterious effect on the human body or similar nature.
  3. Magnetized materials that have a magnetic field of more than 0.418 amperes (0.002 gauss) per square meter at a distance of 2.1 meters away from the surface of the consolidated packaging that contains such materials packaged for air transport (see also guidelines on packaging by IATA (953) that include instructions on measuring magnetic field strength).
  4. High-temperature materials: Substances that are transported or handed over for transport in a liquid state at a temperature greater than 100 degrees centigrade (or 212 degrees Fahrenheit) and lower than the flashpoint or in a solid state at temperatures greater than 240 degrees centigrade (or 464 degrees Fahrenheit).These materials can be transported only when permitted as exceptions by the government.
  5. Examples of materials under this category
    • Asbestos
    • Solid carbon dioxide (dry ice)
    • Environmentally hazardous substances
    • Lifesaving devices
    • Internal-combustion engines
    • Polymerized beads
    • Battery operated devices or vehicles
    • Zinc dithionite
    • Genetically modified living organisms or microbes that are not regarded as infectious substances
  6. Examples: Hydro zinc sulfate, white asbestos, air bag modules, initiators, seatbelt pretensioners, PCB, magnet, lithium batteries (excluding lithium batteries embedded into devices), survival equipment, dry ice.
  7. (※) Devices containing lithium batteries that meet the requirements set forth in Article 16 of the International Mailing Regulations can be shipped. Please note that this exception only applies to some countries and territories. Button type lithium batteries, if contained in devices, can be shipped by both Sea Mail and Airmail.

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