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Nonmailable Articles in International Mail

Hazardous materials - Oxidizers and Organic Peroxide

Please note that laws/provisions prohibit certain articles sent by international mail.

Also, the destination country may also restrict certain articles to be sent.

International Mail Conditions.

Hazardous materials - Oxidizers and Organic Peroxide

  1. Oxidizers
    • Substances that are not necessarily flammable themselves but cause combustion of normal materials or can help other materials burn if oxygen is added.
    • Examples: bromate, chlorate, nitrate, perchlorate, permanganate, and certain oxidative substances
  2. Organic Peroxide
    • Substances that have the divalent structure -O-O- and can be regarded a derivative of hydrogen peroxide with one or both of the hydrogen atoms substituted by organic radicals
    • Organic peroxidic substances are ones unstable in temperature, which can auto-accelerate decomposition while generating heat.Also they can have one or more of the following characteristics:
      • Likely to induce explosive decomposition
      • Burn rapidly
      • Sensitive to impacts or friction
      • Induce dangerous reactions with other substances
      • Jeopardize the eye
    • Example: benzoyl peroxide

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