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How to Package Printed Matter

In general, printed matter should be able to be opened and checked its contents. However, if the mail contains only books or booklets (magazines, brochures, and the like), it can be sent sealed.

How to Package

General Package

Wrap the package in wrapping paper and secure with string so it is easy to untie.

Newspapers, etc.

Put a wrapper around the package.

Christmas cards, etc.

Tuck the cover inside the envelope.

When you use a tring or metal crimp seal

Fasten the cover with a string or metal crimp seal. Use of sharp clasps is prohibited.

Cylindrical mail

Sender and the recipient should be clearly indicated.

Mail that is not considered unsealed mail.

Mails fastened with a stapler or parcially cut and opened are not considered as unsealed mail.

Cases of sealing with Adhesive Tape are admited:

Tape Use of adhesive tape is permitted provided the following conditions are met:

  1. It should be easily opened.
  2. Use an adhesive tape that does not stick to or damage other mail during the transportation.
  3. In order to make this mail readily distinguishable from sealed mail, a clear indication, such as “unsealed mail," should be provided on the cover or around the tape along with the following notation:
    “Peut étre ouvert pour contróle par le service postal"
    “May be opened for inspection by the postal service.”

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