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Items Considered to be Printed Matter

Printed Matter includes: periodicals, books, catalogs, direct mail, business documents, and the like.

Items Considered to be Printed Matter

  • Letters and postcards exchanged among students (only those submitted through the school headmaster of a related school)
  • Correspondence course materials and students’ corrected/uncorrected submissions (except for those not directly related to course work), which a school sends to its students.)
  • Manuscripts of copyrighted works or a newspaper
  • Handwritten scores
  • Photocopies
  • Prints produced via computer or typewriter that are submitted in more than two copies at one time.
  • Printed cloth (Christmas cards and calendars)
  • Date book and Diary: Acceptable if printed parts of pages are not designed for writing, including the front and back covers, and take up more than half of the entire book.
  • Forms: Forms for surveys, applications, and reports that have not been filled out.
  • Forms: Forms for surveys, applications, and reports that have not been filled out.
  • Christmas cards with music and the like.

Items not considered to be Printed Matter

  • Documents created via computer, typewriter, or word processor (when submitting two or more copies at one time, two or more copies are acceptable).
  • Traced or handwritten copies.
  • Reproduced items using seals
  • Filmed, audio recorded, or videotaped items
  • Cards for information processors, which contain punched paper tapes or holes, lines, or signs that may constitute information.
  • Boxes of drugs and cosmetics
  • Materials with seals affixed

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