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The Merits of International ePacket

Rates are usually +410 yen in the postage! There is the discount service, too. You can easily hold it out if I use the international registered mail label. You can chase it in some countries, and a limit includes the compensation for 6,000 yen, too.

※1 The number of days until the delivery varies depending on the transportation, customs clearance as well as the mail handling procedures and other factors in the country of destination.

International ePacket Features

  • Small items under 2kg can be sent for a cheaper price comparing to EMS (International Express Mail) .
  • The items are sent by airmail.
  • Tracking service is available for some countries. There is also a maximum 6000-yen insurance.


For the visitor who is held a lot out, We prepare for the discount service.

Service Details

  International ePacket
Maximum size Minimum size

Length + Width + Thickness = 90cm
(Permissible difference 2mm)
Please note that the maximum length is 60cm.
(Permissible difference 2mm)

a (length) : 60cm
a + b + c = 90cm

Length + Diameter×2 = 104cm
(Permissible difference 2mm)
Please note that the maximum length is 90cm
(Permissible difference 2mm).

a (length) : 90cm
a + 2b = 104cm

Length : 14.8cm
Width : 10.5cm
(Permissible difference 2mm)

Rolled items small in width are unacceptable.


Maximum weight of the item is 2kg.

Damage Compensation

Maximum compensation is 6,000yen for actual damages.


Tracking is available for some destinations.

Announcement About Tracking Service for International Mail

Shipment Conditions・Prohibited Items

Same shipment conditions and prohibited items' regulations as for the small packet mail apply.

International ePacket Label

An A4-sized label form can be extracted from the online shipment tool of "My Page for International Mail".
(1) A label, a client's and a post office's copy, (2) A customs notification※ (3) An invoice (optional)
※ A customs notification is generated if there is not enough space for description of goods in the customs section in the left part of the transmittal form or if the total value exceeds 300SDR.

International ePacket Label

Usage Method

  1. Please log in into "My Page for International Mail" (first-time users can do it for free).
  2. Please fill out the addressee, sender, and item content information in the online shipment tool section of "My Page for International Mail".
  3. Please print out the International ePacket label form using your printer.
  4. (1) Separate off the label, the client's and the post office's copies.
  5. Insert the label as described in point 4, the customs notification form and the invoice into the designated pouch
  6. Do not insert the client's and the post office's copies into the pouch but bring them to the post office together with your postal item.

Register My Page for International Mail now

Conditions of Use

  1. Only those items that are submitted together with the International ePacket label printed out from "My Page for International Mail" and enclosed into a special bag, are handled as International ePacket mail.
  2. You can get specified pouches at post offices if they are in stock. If you need many specified pouches, please contact the post office in advance.
  3. Hand-written labels cannot be submitted. (The discount will not be applied.)
  4. A used label cannot be submitted again. Please print out a new label from "My Page for International Mail" each time you want to use the service.
  5. If the barcode is unclear, it may be impossible to process the shipment.

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