Check rates and delivery days

Calculate the rates and delivery days of international mail

You can quickly check the rates and days of delivery by simply entering the destination, item to be sent, and the weight of the item.

Please note that days for some countries and regions cannot be shown according to the respective situations.

Please note that it may take more time for delivery than indicated by the search results due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Type of items to be sent
  • This refers to goods that are not considered to be documents.

  • This refers to items, such as books and calendars, of which two or more copies are made by mechanical or photographic methods.

    Detailed information concerning printed matter

  • This refers to things used as a means for communicating information (e.g., business papers).

    Detailed information concerning documents

  • This refers to correspondence to a specific person.

2. Select the weight of items to be sent

(in grams)

Please enter in one-byte numbers.

Documents : 150 sheets of B4 paper = Approx. 1kg
Letter : Envelope + 1 sheet of letter paper = Approx. 10g
Postcard : 1 sheet = Approx. 5g
Package (parcel) : 1 cardboard box (size M) = 20kg at maximum
Printed items : Paperback (270 pages) = Approx. 150g; Magazine = Approx. 600g
The above figures are rough indications. Please use them as a reference.

3. Select the prefecture from which the item is sent
4. Select the country or region to which the item is addressed

*There may be restrictions on areas and types of mail items that can be handled in some countries and regions.
Please check here for further details.

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