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Ski Yu-Pack

Valuable discount system

Valuable discount system is available for parcels carried in and return-paid parcels.

Discount for parcels carried into the counter

Carry-in discount
120 yen per parcel is discounted when brought to the postal counter.

Discount by using round trip

Reply-paid discount
When used for round-trip, 120 yen is discounted from the return shipping fee per item.

  • Please send the same content as the Ski Yu-Pack parcel sent or delivered to the receiver (hereinafter referred to as "going parcel") again as Ski Yu-Pack (limited only to those addressed to the name and address/domicile of the sender, hereinafter referred to as "return parcel").
  • The use of the return parcel is a must when depositing the going parcel.
  • Please deposit to the business establishment in charge of the delivery of the going parcel or in charge of delivery clerical work.
  • The service is available only to parcels of the same categories of shipping fee and size for going and return parcels.
  • The fee should be paid by affixing postage stamps or by without affixing them.
  • Please deposit within one month from the dispatch of the going parcel.


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