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Title: Relocation/forwarding service

Details of the service

When moving, postal items sent to the former address are redirected to the new address free of charge for one year just by submitting the relocation form to the counter of the post office near you.

  • Forwarding service is effective for the period of one year from submitting the relocation form (not from the requested starting date of the forwarding service).
  • After the forwarding service expires, postal items will be returned to the sender.

When renewing the forwarding service, please submit the relocation form once again to the counter of the post office near you.

In order to securely deliver valuable postal items to our users, we confirm the ID of the user (submitter) and the former address specified in the relocation form. Please bring the following documents to the counter. Please visit the counter of the post office and finish the procedure sufficiently before moving.

Please bring the following documents to the postal counter.

<Identification of the user>

  1. Relocation of individual user
    The driver's license, health insurance card, etc. of the user (submitter)
  2. Relocation of a company or a group
    Documents showing the relationship of the person arrived at the counter and the company/group moving, such as employee card or health insurance card (Please fill in the name of the representatives and affix a seal in the "name and seal of the notifier" space of the relocation form.)

<Confirmation of the former address>

Documents with address issued by governmental agencies, such as driver's license, passport, Individual number card, Basic Resident Register Card, residence certificate, etc.


  1. Please be forewarned that we may confirm the fact of relocation after accepting the relocation form in following methods.
    • Employee of Japan Post Co., Ltd. visiting the site
    • When the person moved is absent, confirmation of the fact of residence to the cohabiter, etc.
    • Dispatch of confirmation form to the former address (this is not implemented when the identification of the user [submitter] and the former address is finished at the counter when submitting the relocation form).
  2. When you cannot arrive at the counter, please fill in the relocation form and deposit it in the post box without affixing postage stamps, or go through the procedure via the Internet.
  3. We may send the following information to the relocated address upon request from the user (the information is not provided to any third party such as administrative agencies and companies from our company).
    • Notice of the procedure of the change of address, etc. accepted from administrative agencies and companies
    • Information on the services of Japan Post Co., Ltd. and other information useful for your living


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