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Title: Express mail

  • Postal items and Yu-Mail can be delivered promptly!
  • Postal items (letters, postcards) and Yu-Mails can be sent in express mail.

Upon usage

Labeling method
Show the red line on the right top of the front side of vertically-long postal items and Yu-Mail, and on the right side of the front side of horizontally-long postal items/packages.

Deposited at
Please deposit at postal counters or to a post box.

Services with which express mail can be used

Major optional services that can be used in combination with express mail

There are also other services for items in extreme hurry!

New special express mail
The items can be delivered on the same day.(available only for certain areas)

Usage fee

In addition to the postages of postal item/Yu-Mail, you need to pay the charge for the express mail.

Standard Mail Services (letter,postcard)

Up to 250g +260 yen (added to the basic rate)
Up to 1kg +350 yen (added to the basic rate)
Up to 4kg +600 yen (added to the basic rate)


+330 yen (added to the basic shipping fee)

FAQs, inquiries

Can express mail and registered mail be deposited at a Yu-Yu counter?

Yes, it can be deposited.

Check the details of express mail

Check the details of registered mail

How much does express mail cost?

Postage of the postal item + express mail charge = total postage.
Express mail charge depends on the weight of the postal item.

List of additional charges for optional services

When will an express mail deposited today arrive?

Please use the service for which checking the scheduled delivery date of express mail is easy.

Is express mail delivered also on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays?

Yes, it is delivered.

Is express mail delivered via hand?

Although it is delivered via hand as a general rule, it is delivered to the mailbox when the receiver is absent.

  • When an item does not fit in a mailbox, or when the item is registered mail, a non-delivery notice is inserted.

Express mail


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