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Are all postages tax-inclusive prices?

Yes, they are tax-inclusive prices.

Can the unused stamps and postcards be refunded?

We do not refund in cash.

However, we exchange items without a contaminated or damaged postage mark (part showing the postage value of the postcard) for a prescribed fee.

Can the postage stamps attached to letters or postcards be exchanged?

We exchange stamps that are not contaminated or damaged for a prescribed fee.

Can spoiled postcards be exchanged?

Yes, it can be exchanged. It requires a fee.


  • Please note that spoiled postcards with soiled or damaged postage marks (part showing the postage value of the postcard) cannot be exchanged.
Can a spoiled letter pack be exchanged for stamps, postcards or a new letter pack?

Yes, it can be exchanged. The fee is 42 yen.

Where should you attach stamps?

Please attach postage stamps on the top left on the front of the postal item (on right top for horizontally-long postal items).

Can postcards be sent with papers stuck to the surface?

Please send after ensuring that they will not come off easily.


  • Three-dimensional items such as origami cannot be attached
  • Paper larger than the size of the postcard cannot be attached
  • Paper that can be peeled off (such as stickers to keep information hidden) cannot be attached to the sender's side of a reply-paid postcard.
  • Nothing can be attached between the postcard and any attached items, and nothing used to separated these can be affixed.
  • Postage stamps other than those used for paying the postage etc. cannot be attached (other than those date stamped for commemoration).
  • If it is too thick, it will be handled as a letter requiring different postage.
Should I draw the boxes for the zip code on home-made postcards?

No, you do not need to.

Should I use a certain color to draw the boxes for the zip code when making a postcard or envelope?

It should be vermillion or bronze red.

No black or blue ink should be mixed in.

I heard that you must indicate "postcard" on home-made postcards. Can I indicate so in English?

Please indicate "POST CARD."

  • If there is no indication, it is handled as a letter (first class mail).
Can you send postal items that are not rectangle-shaped, such as star-shaped, heart-shaped or fish-shaped, as a standard size postal item?

No, you cannot.
Irregular-shaped postal items that are not rectangular-shaped cannot be deposited as standard size postal item, even within the standard size. Please send them as nonstandard size postal items. (Square items must also be sent as nonstandard size postal item because they are not rectangular-shaped.)

Are all items with thickness over 1cm unable to be sent as a standard size postal item?

If the thickness when squeezed lightly is within 1cm, it can be sent as a standard size postal item.

Can a postcard about 1cm larger than postcards sold at post office counters be sent for 63 yen?

The maximum size of a postcard is 10.7cm x 15.4cm. Postcards larger than this cannot be sent for 63 yen. (It will be either standard size or nonstandard size.)

The size of postcards sold at post office counters is 14.8cm x 10cm.

Which is preferable for printing a postcard: inkjet printing or standard printing?

The suitable type of postcard depends on the printer used.

Is the old postcards and envelopes with 5-digit zip code boxes unusable?

You can used them as is. Please write down the sixth and seventh digits under the boxes for fourth and fifth digits respectively.

Is there any service with which documents or articles can be sent easily?

There is a service called Letter Pack, with which articles can be sent without stamps. Packages of A4 size up to 4kg, also including correspondence, can be sent throughout Japan for a flat rate. Please refer to the relevant link pages.

Are the counters to deposit postal items and Yu-Pack parcels open at night?

Some counters are open at night.

  • The opening hours at the counters of each post office differ. Please confirm with the particular post office.
Is there a service with which items are delivered also on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays?

There are services with which items are delivered also on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays as follows.

  • Express mail
  • Delivery time-specified mail
  • Registered mail
  • Cash on delivery
  • Delivery date-specified mail
  • Electronic postal mail (Letax)
  • Letter Pack Plus, Letter Pack Light
  • Yu-Pack (parcel)
  • Yu-mail (handled as ordinary items with which tracking information is entered)
How long are items kept at the delivering post office when the receiver is absent?

They are kept for 7 days. When the items cannot be delivered to the receiver within 7 days, they are sent back to the sender.

I want to keep a record of sending a postal item at the lowest price possible. Is there any recommended service?

We recommend acceptance-recorded mail.
A special handling fee of an additional 160 yen is charged.
It is a service that records the acceptance of the postal item. It is delivered to the mailbox of the receiver.

Am expecting a postal item to arrive, but it hasn't. Who should I contact?

Please contact the nearest post office. There is an investigation system.
Post offices involved in the process of the postal item are checked, and you are told the result.


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