Ski Yu-Pack

Ski gear is sent to the ski resort and hotel you will stay at by the day before use.

Available size and weight

Differentiation of size

Size Parcel size
(total of length, width and height)
60 size Within 60cm
80 size Within 80cm
100 size Within 100cm
120 size Within 120cm
140 size Within 140cm
Over 140 size Over 140cm
  • Take measures that the sending post office finds necessary for parcels with a weight over 30kg and a total length of 170cm, such as tying with string as appropriate so that it becomes portable.

Shipping fee

Size Shipping fee
60 size - 140 size Same as the basic shipping fee for Yu-Pack parcel
Over 140 size Same as the basic shipping fee for 160 size

Check the basic shipping fee by prefecture

Calculate the shipping fee (Japanese Version Only)

Discount system of up to 360 yen is available for parcels carried in to a post office and return-paid parcels.

Valuable discount system

Days required for delivery

The days required for the delivery of Ski Yu-Pack parcels can be checked from below.

Check the days required for the delivery of Ski Yu-Pack parcels (Japanese Version Only)

  • Please send a Ski Yu-Pack parcel within 10 days before, calculated from the day before use.

Available deposited places

The service is available at post office counters throughout Japan, or at locations handling Yu-Pack parcels such as convenience stores.

Search for a post office

Precautions of use

Cautions upon sending

  • Please fill in the date of use and other information necessary clearly in the special label (labels for one-way and return-paid are different). Example of filling in the label
  • Refrigerated delivery, security service, ID confirmation delivery service, cash on delivery, and payment of charges upon arrival are unavailable.
  • You cannot send correspondences. (Unsealed attached notes and invoices can be enclosed.) Services with which correspondence cannot be sent
  • Please pack in a way so that the content can easily be identified as ski gear.

Cautions upon receiving

  • When receiving the parcel, please do not forget to bring the "client's copy" of the special label and an identification document such as passport or driver's license.


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