How to Use

Shipping/Delivery flows, which give you a clear understanding of our services, are provided here.

How to Use

Sending mail items and parcels overseas

Step1 Check rates and delivery days
  • Rates and delivery days to the country or region the item is addressed to can be checked.

    Check rates and delivery days

  • Items can be sent in several ways, including airmail that can be delivered to different countries quickly, and surface mail that is relatively inexpensive but takes time for delivery.

    Comparing shipping types

  • Different services are provided according to customer needs, such as EMS for quick delivery or small packet service for sending small items.

    List of products and services

  • There are also optional services including insurance service to prepare for troubles, and registration service with which you can confirm the delivery.

    Option Services

Step2 Check whether the item can be sent

Check whether the item can be sent now to the destination country

Check items that cannot be sent such as dangerous goods

Please note that there are items that cannot be sent throughout the world as international mail such as dangerous goods for air transportation, or items that cannot be imported to the destination country.

Check the prohibited goods

Step3 Check the necessary documents such as labels and pack

Check the necessary documents such as labels

Please use the "International Mail My Page Service" to prepare labels with a PC or smartphone.

Check information
on the preparation of labels


When receiving mail items and parcels from abroad

The delivery method for mail items or parcels arriving from abroad differs according to whether the delivered item is taxed or not.

When receiving mail items from abroad


Please check here for troubles such as items not arriving at the addressee or when there are other questions.


Does your package contain any dangerous goods?