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International Mail

How to Use

Shipping/Delivery Flow

Shipping/Dcelivery flows, which give you a clear understanding of our services, are provided here.

Comparing shipping methods

Express Mail Service (EMS)

Click here for Express Email Service (EMS)

Airmail/SAL/Surface mail

Letters/documents (Letter-Post)
When sending letters/documents

Parcels (International Parcel Post)
When sending parcels

Receiving international mails (goods)

How to Use International Mail

How to Write the Address and Label

Please write the address and label correctly.

Required Documents

Some documents may be required to send mails.

Necessary documents to ship EMS

Delivery around the world

Please read if you are sending postal items to the following countries.

Nonmailable Articles in International Mail

Please note that laws and treaties regarding international mail prohibit or restrict certain articles.

More Information

Does your package contain any dangerous goods?

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