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Weighted Yu-Pack

Packages with a weight of over 25kg and up to 30kg are delivered.

Available size and weight

Size: A+B+C=170cm or less
Weight: over 25kg and up to 30kg

Differentiation of size

Size Parcel size
(total of length, width and height)
60 size Within 60cm
80 size Within 80cm
100 size Within 100cm
120 size Within 120cm
140 size Within 140cm
160 size Within 160cm
170 size Within 170cm
  • Even if the total weight including the outer package exceeds 30kg, the service can be used only when it is clear that the weight of the content is up to 30kg and the outer package is light.
  • A package combining more than one package with string and tape cannot be sent with this service.

Shipping fee

Check the basic shipping fee by prefecture

Calculate the shipping fee (Japanese Version Only)

Discount system of up to 180 yen is available for parcels carried in to a post office and multiple parcels dispatched at once.

Valuable discount system

Days required for delivery

Parcels are generally delivered at the speed of ordinary Yu-Pack parcel +1 day.

Check the days required for the delivery of ordinary Yu-Pack parcels (Japanese Version Only)

  • It may take a few days more to deliver to certain regions including remote places and remote islands.

Available optional services

Cash on delivery, lump-sum transfer of money service, and payment of charges upon arrival are available.

  • Refrigerated delivery, security service, ID confirmation delivery service are unavailable.

Available deposited places

The service is available at post office counters throughout Japan.

  • Please note that it cannot be used at locations handling Yu-Pack parcels such as convenience stores.

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Precautions of use


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