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Refrigerated Yu-Pack

Yu-Pack parcels that should be kept refrigerated are delivered under refrigerated temperature from acceptance to delivery.
With refrigerated transportation, the freshness of fresh foods can be kept without the delicate taste and fragrance being spoiled.
It is also useful for sending summer and winter gifts and other presents.

Available size and weight

Size: A+B+C=150cm or less
Length of A = 100cm or less
Weight: up to 25kg

  • However, as for items that cannot be turned on their side, the thickness (height) should be within 50cm in addition to the conditions above.

Differentiation of size

Size Parcel size
(total of length, width and height)
60 size Within 60cm
80 size Within 80cm
100 size Within 100cm
120 size Within 120cm
140 size Within 140cm
150 size Within 150cm

Shipping fee

Size Shipping fee
60 size Basic shipping fee +220yen
80 size Basic shipping fee +350yen
100 size Basic shipping fee +660yen
120 size Basic shipping fee +660yen
140 size Basic shipping fee +1,300yen
150 size Basic shipping fee +2,060yen

Check the basic shipping fee by prefecture

Calculate the shipping fee (Japanese Version Only)

Discount system of up to 180 yen is available for parcels carried in to a post office and multiple parcels dispatched at once.

Valuable discount system

Days required for delivery

The days required for the delivery of Refrigerated Yu-Pack parcels can be checked from below.

Check the days required for the delivery of Refrigerated Yu-Pack parcels (Japanese Version Only)

Available optional services

Security service and cash on delivery are available.

Available deposited places

Only at counters handling refrigerated Yu-Pack.
In order to confirm whether the counter handles refrigerated Yu-Pack or not, please contact a post office near you.

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Precautions of use


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