Domestic delivery postage list

Letters, postcards


Basic postage of letters (nonstandard size/standard size postal items)

Standard size postal item
Within 25g 84 yen
Within 50g 94 yen
Nonstandard size postal item
  • The specified size is within 34cm length, 25cm width, 3cm thickness, and within 1kg weight.
Within the specified size
Within 50g 120 yen
Within 100g 140 yen
Within 150g 210 yen
Within 250g

250 yen

Within 500g 390 yen
Within 1kg 580 yen
Within 2kg Unaccepted
Within 4kg
Over the specified size
Within 50g 200 yen
Within 100g 220 yen
Within 150g 300 yen
Within 250g

350 yen

Within 500g 510 yen
Within 1kg 710 yen
Within 2kg 1,040 yen
Within 4kg 1,350 yen
Mini-letter (postal envelope)
(Within 25g) 63 yen
Letter Pack Light
(Postal item other than recorded delivery mail using specified postage-paid envelope)
  • Thickness within 3cm.
Within 4kg 370 yen
Letter Pack Plus
(Recorded delivery mail using specified postage-paid envelope)
  • The optional service charge for recorded delivery mail is included within the postage for Letter Pack Plus.
Within 4kg 520 yen

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Standard postcards 63 yen
Reply-paid card 126 yen

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