How to use International Mail My Page Service

Address book

Individual members can register 99 senders' and recipient's' addresses in total. Corporate members can register 1000 senders' and recipient's' addresses in total. The registered information can be used when creating labels.

1. Address book

You can see the registered senders and recipients list. And you can also modify or delete these information. If you want to see registered information, click each name.
Choose the adress book in which you want to register or modify data.

2. Importing recipients' address book

You can import recipients' data into the address book. On the Addres Book Import/Export screen, export the desired file from the recipients' address book, register the data in the file, and then import it.

The file to be imported into My Page should be created in CSV format of UTF-8 (without BOM). For the country of the recipient, please refer to the "Country Code List" in the "Import/Export Address Book" page and use a 2-character country code. When using only one-byte alphanumeric characters in the address book, either UTF-8 (without BOM) or Shift-JIS character code is acceptable.

3. Exporting recipients' address book

You can export the recipient's address data registered in the address book in CSV format (UTF-8, without BOM).


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