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What is an HS code? Do I have to enter it?

The HS code is a code adopted for the purpose of unifying names and classes of goods traded internationally. It represents a number defined in the Export Statistical Schedule, which is used to classify import cargo based on the tariff classification numbering system.
By having the HS code written in the customs notice, customs officers can easily check the tariff rate of the corresponding product based on the code when exporting from the Japan or import customs clearance in the destination country, thereby contributing to the shortening of the time for customs clearance procedures.
HS code is not mandatory. If you want information about the HS code, please contact your nearest Customs office. You can also find out the details about the HS code on the customs website.
However, if you are shipping goods destined to Ireland, you will need to enter it because if you do not have a TARIC code that adds up to 10 EU sub-classifications to the 6 digits of the HS code, your item may be returned to the sender by Irish Customs.
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