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Can I create multiple labels at one time when sending multiple items?

Multiple labels cannot be created at one time. Please create a label separately for each piece of mail.

For the PC version

Once you have created a label, you can use the contents of the label and continue to create labels with the same information by clicking "Re-create" on the "Shipping History" page.
If you are sending multiple pieces of mail to the same address, please use this function together with the address book function.

For smartphone users

Although it is not possible to create a label by copying the contents of a previously created label, if you check the "Use this information as the default value" checkbox at the bottom of the screen for the client and the "Add this information to the address book" checkbox for the recipient, you can create labels without repeatedly entering addresses and other information from the second label onward.

Note: Printed labels cannot be directly copied and used, because the item number will be duplicated and will not be handled properly.

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