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What kind of printer can I use?

We recommend that you use laser or inkjet printers compatible with A4-size paper of the Japanese Industrial Standards, set to more than 600dpi resolution (capable of printing letters and barcodes in a clear fashion).

On the usage of laser or inkjet printers

In cases listed below the quality of printing may lower and the signs or barcode on the printed label may be unreadable which can lead to the difficulties with the delivery. Please be aware that in such cases it may be necessary to remake the label or it may happen that the tracking information is not viewable.

  • If supplies (such as a recycled toner or ink cartridge) rather than the genuine ones indicated by the printer maker are used.
  • If clear printing is impossible due to the low ink charge or clogging as well as other similar issues.
  • If there are blots on the printed area due to the hands' sweat, friction or humidity as well as similar causes.

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