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Can I write labels in languages other than English?

As a general rule, we ask that you enter labels in half-width, alphanumeric characters when using the International Mail My Page service. Please look up the English alphanumeric notation using an internet search service or some other means.
For the contents, please see the page for Japanese-English/Chinese-English translations of item names, if necessary.

For the recipient's name and address, the following languages and characters can be used if generally accepted in the country of destination. This is limited to the PC version only.

  • Chinese (Simplified/Traditional)
  • Korean (Hangul)
  • Languages that use Roman characters (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.)
    Signed characters such as "ä ë ï ö ü ÿ" and "á é í ó ú ý" and ligatures such as "ß Æ Ø" can also be used.

However, environment-dependent characters and special symbols may not be printed correctly even if they are included in the list above. When entering characters other than single-byte, alphanumeric characters, please be sure to check the printed content yourself to ensure that there are no errors.

If the total value of the contents exceeds 200,000 yen and customs clearance is to be delegated to Japan Post Co., Ltd., the invoice must be prepared in English, so please enter the recipient's name and address in English as well.

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