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International Mail

Delivery Flow

Sending Letter/Postcards/Printed Matter

Select a shipping type

  • There are some shipping types such as Airmail for quick and world wide delivery, Surface mail for reasonable rates.

    Comparing shipping methods

  • According to the usage such as sending a large quantity of mails overseas, we provide services that save you cost and meet your need!


Check the mailability

  • There may be a delay or suspension in mail delivery for some country/area due to international situation.


  • There are articles that cannot be sent by international mail. Before submitting your mail or package, please confirm the following.

    Nonmailable articles

  • Available areas and post types may be limited for some countries and areas.

    International Mail Conditions.

Check rates and delivery days

  • Please check the rates/days required for the destination country/area.

    Check rates and delivery days

  • We provide option services such as Insured Mail for loss or damageand Advice of Delivery for secured delivery.

    Option Services

Packing/Filling out the required documents

When ready…
send it from locan post office, etc.

Seach for a post office

Trouble and Inquiry

For trouble such as non-delivery and other inquiries


Does your package contain any dangerous goods?

Check rates and delivery days

Calculate by destination, type of articles and weight

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