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Mail Shipments to Canada

Please note that if the information in the label and other documents is inaccurate, the postal item may be delayed, confiscated or returned.

Please provide accurate information for the label and the customs notification form.

In Canada the customs examination procedures are being reinforced as a part of terrorism prevention operations.
In this light, the postal items where the sender's and the recipient's addresses and names, the content of the package, the number of items and their value are not filled out correctly in English or French in the label and the customs notification form may be either sent back to Japan or confiscated based on the Canadian regulations. Recently there have been a growing number of such cases, so please provide accurate information.
Please also be advised that as a result of this customs examination reinforcement, any items bound for Canada may be delayed.

About Customs Declaration Form

How to write contents properly

Item Names Incorrect entry Correct entry
Instant Ramen Stating simply “Food”
or “Instant Ramen” in Japanese
Instant noodles
Daily Necessities (such as Jacket, Pants) Stating simply “Article for daily use” or
“Nichiyohin” in Japanese
Give specific item names, such as Jacket, Pants, or Books.

Special care must be taken when sending the following items.

Contents Reminders
Documents Even when mail contains only a document, be sure to clearly indicate the article as “Document” on the customs declaration form (CN22) or label, along with the quantity and price (reasonable total amount, such as the total of paper cost, production cost)
Example: Document - 10 pages - $1 or 100yen
Gift When including two or more gifts in one package, the name of the addressee must be specified for each article.
E.g., Shirts-gift-John Smith - $20
Food All foods or plants, including dried food, frozen food, pet food, confectionery, candies, chocolates, and vegetables
  1. Clearly specify the end use of the products on the customs declaration form.
    E.g., Non-commercial use, Sample, Commercial use, For experiments.
  2. When the quantity surpasses the amount permitted for personal use, a special export certificate and an import certificate obtained by the end user are required.
Pharmaceuticals Vitamins, vitamin supplements, ointment, drugs, prescription drugs, dental adhesive, cosmetics, and similar items
  1. For personal use, an amount sufficient for three months can be imported at one time once per quarter, provided the import of such articles is not prohibited by law. For prescription drugs, if they are dispensed by a pharmacist and packaged at a pharmacy or a hospital, the amount for a single administration or for a three-month administration can be imported at one time once per quarter. When the quantity of the product included in the mail exceeds the permissible amount for personal use, such articles will be considered for commercial use and only those that have obtained an official permit can be imported.
  2. For pharmaceuticals, be sure to clearly indicate the specific name of the product.

Be sure to enter the sender's phone number

Upon receiving a request from Canada Customs, we may ask the sender about the details regarding the mail. Therefore, please be sure to write the telephone number of the sender on the label when using EMS or parcel post.

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