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Customs Declaration Form

What is a Customs Declaration Form?

There are two types of forms, CN22 and CN23, for declaring the contents, etc. of postal items to Customs. When sending an international postal item containing goods and articles (such as printed matter like books and periodicals having commercial value) that may be subject to Customs inspection in the destination country, fill out one of the forms with a detailed description of the contents, including the name, quantity and price of each item, and affix or attach it to the postal item.

Parcel and EMS labels include two CN23 customs declaration forms, so there is no need to prepare them separately.

  • Some countries or regions require three or more copies. In that case, download the additional number required here and insert them into the invoice envelope after filling them out. Alternatively, you could temporarily remove the CN23 label and make copies of it.
CN22 Required when including articles less than 300 SDR in value.
CN23 Required when including articles 300 SDR or more in value.

What is SDR?

Documents necessary for sending EMS packages


CN22 was formerly known as the “Green Label.” It is generally necessary when including articles of less than 300 SDR in value with international mail.

Items to fill in
  1. 1.Place a check mark beside the type of articles contained (“Gift,” “Document,” “Sample” or “Other”).
  2. 1.Provide a detailed description of the contents, including the name, price, unit price and total value. Do not use vague descriptions such as “daily necessities.”
  3. 1.Fill in the HS code of the items if known.
  4. 1.Fill in the date and sign your name.
  1. 1.Prepare the form in the language commonly used in the destination country (otherwise, use English or French).
  2. 1.In the contents field, along with the description, write “GIFT” if the contents are a gift or “SAMPLE, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. FOR CUSTOMS PURPOSE ONLY” if the contents are a sample.
  3. 1.Click below for an English translation of article names.

English Translation of Article Names


The CN23 form is required when including articles of 300 SDR or more in value.
When sending EMS or international parcel packages, the label (invoice) includes two copies of the customs declaration form for your convenience. If the country of destination requires three or more copies, the form can be downloaded below.

Download the CN23 Customs Declaration Form


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