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What is "Insured Mail"?

"Insured Mail" is a service for parcels and for letters containing valuable documents such as securities which tracks acceptance and delivery and compensates for damage (up to 2 million yen) when items get lost, stolen or damaged during postal operations. (Some countries do not provide insured service or limit the amount of insurance to less than 2 million yen.) For more details, please click here.

When sending an item as an insured letter, the name and address, etc., may be written on the envelope or package directly.  Effective March 1, 2024, however, handwritten customs declaration forms and carbon-copied labels are discontinued. For items containing articles which may be subject to customs inspection, you need to use the International Mail My Page Service to create labels for "Letters/Others (Registered)". In this case, please write the insurance amount, etc. directly on the name side of the item.

International Mail My Page Service

Please note that insured services are available at a limited number of post offices, so please check with your post office in advance.

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