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Trouble Regarding International Mail

The articles in the shipment I received today were broken. Will you compensate for the loss?

Please inform the local delivery post office immediately. A post office employee will be dispatched to check the condition of the damaged articles.

Important Notes

When applying for damage compensation, you will be required to present not only the contents of the package, but also the packaging itself (envelope, box etc.), therefore please keep them. Following the amendment of the Universal Postal Convention, as of January 2014 there has been changes in relation to the right of application for damage compensation.

Mail Type (Registered Mail, Insured Mail, Small Parcel and EMS)

Date of Mail Delivery Completion Persons entitled to claim for damages
Before December 31, 2013 Addressee
After January 1, 2014 Sender

Claim for damages will be processed based on the investigation results.

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