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Filling Out the Label

What is the HS code for the EMS Label?

HS code is a code adopted for the purpose of unifying names and classes of goods traded internationally. It represents a number defined in the Export Statistical Schedule, which is used to classify import cargo based on the tariff classification numbering system.

The Export Statistical Schedule number consists of 9 or 10 digits and is assigned to all kinds of imported goods (first 6 digits are universal, while the last 3 or 4 ones are different for each country and are used to segmentalize the description even further).

When an item from Japan undergoes the import clearance procedures, the HS code in the customs notification helps the customs officer to easily confirm the customs taxation rate, what shortens the time used for the proceeding.

It is not mandatory to fill in the HS code in the EMS label, but the customs procedures may take longer if the code is not provided. If you want to find out the code to be used, please make an inquiry to your closest Customs Department. (For more details on the HS code, please refer to the Customs homepage.)

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