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Important Information

Important Notice regarding International Mail

  • About Electronic Advance Data (EAD)
    • Transmission of Electronic Advance Data (EAD) became obligatory from January 1, 2021 (Fri). Handwritten labels are no longer accepted for sending goods because EAD cannot be transmitted.

      About Electronic Advance Data (EAD)

  • Items that cannot be sent as international mail (dangerous items as well as items prohibited for import in the receiving country)
    • Before posting an item, please ensure that it contains no dangerous items, or anything that falls under "Items that cannot be sent as international mail."

      Regarding items that cannot be sent as international mail

    • Received mail will have its contents inspected by X-ray or the like, and anything that is prohibited from being sent as international mail may be returned to sender without being sent overseas.
  • The customs clearance procedures for sending items by international mail that are more than 200,000 yen in value

    Permission must be obtained to send overseas or receive from overseas mail with enclosures that have a combined value of 200,000 yen or more. Please apply to Customs for an import/export permit.

    More about customs clearance procedures

  • Revisions to the Customs Clearance Rules

    The Rules and Regulations for Customs Clearance Procedure are revised as follows.

    • "Rules and Regulations for Customs Clearance Procedure Regarding Postal Items to be Imported" and "Rules and Regulations for Customs Clearance Procedure Regarding Postal Items to be Exported" are revised on February 3, 2020.

    * Please refer here for the details of the Rules and Regulations for Customs Clearance Procedure.

    Customs Clearance Rules for the Mail Intended to be Imported (PDF:116kB)

    Customs Clearance Rules for the Mail Intended to be Exported (PDF:115kB)

  • Customs Clearance Fee, Customs Duty and Consumption Tax for International Mail

    When postal items are sent to and received from abroad, they may be subjected to customs duty as well as consumption tax according to the sum and quantity of their content. Additionally, the postal entity of the destination country may charge customs clearance fee. Please be informed that paying the relevant taxes is the responsibility of the recipient.

  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, etc.

    There are countries and territories to which international postal services have been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, etc.
    For details on the latest status concerning the acceptance of mail items destined to countries and territories worldwide and information about mail delivery delays, etc., please check "International mail service availability chart".

  • Handling of Undelivered Parcels

    When sending a parcel abroad, the sender can choose a way of handling the item if it fails to be delivered to the recipient. If you choose a return or redirection service, you will be charged additionally for returning or redirecting the parcel.
    Please be informed that this additional charge for a return service will be claimed by the Postal Company overseas and may be more expensive than the fee paid in Japan when sending the item initially.
    In case of EMS, however, there is no charge for the return service.

  • Handling of postal items addressed to U.S. military bases in other countries

    Some postal items addressed to U.S. military bases in the U.S.A. or other countries and having the following indications as in the address may be returned as undeliverable items because of insufficient address.

    1. "APO" and five- or nine-digit postal codes
    2. "FPO" and five- or nine-digit postal codes

    In addition, in some destination counties, postal items are safely delivered to U.S. military bases, but tracking results are not available for certain reasons even though the postal operators in those countries provide track and trace service.

    Your kind understanding would be very much appreciated.

  • Notice of Legal Compliance

    The use of international mail may be subject to internal and external regulations such as the Postal Law and the Universal Postal Convention (including regulations with respect to export control and economic sanctions).

  • Export of plants, including bonsai and fruits
    • When exporting plants, such as bonsai and fruits, it is necessary to fulfill the quarantine conditions required by the destination country (for example, import permission, cultivation area inspection, disinfection, and export inspection).
    • If such conditions are not fulfilled, penalties may be applied under the Plant Protection Act.
    • Please contact the plant protection station for further details.

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