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EAD Requirement for International Mail to Indonesia

November 02, 2023

Pos Indonesia, the postal operator has informed Japan Post that due to revisions to its Customs Acts, requirements for Electronic Advance Data for postal mail addressed to Indonesia will be strengthened from November 6, 2023 (Monday).
Therefore, there will be a greater risk that international mail items (*1) sent to Indonesia without EAD or with insufficient/inaccurate EAD may be delayed or returned to the sender.
Please use the International Mail My Page service to ensure that correct Electronic Advance Data is sent.
Please note that we cannot refund postage on international mail items that are delayed or returned to senders due to determinations made by the destination customs authority. (*2)

International Mail My Page Service

  1. The following international mail services require transmission of EAD:
    EMS containing goods, International parcels, Small packets and International ePacket Light.
    We also strongly recommend that printed matter and letters that have dutiable articles, such as books or calendars, be sent alongside EAD via the International Mail My Page Service.
  2. We may partially refund postage in the case that an item is returned to the sender by the exchange office in Japan before being dispatched to its destination due to a determination made by the destination customs authority.

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