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EAD Requirement for International Mail to EU Countries

August 11, 2021
(updated on September 30, 2021)
(updated on November 18, 2021)

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European Union (EU) countries will strengthen the requirement for Electronic Advance Data (EAD) effective October 1, 2021. Therefore, there will be a greater risk that international mail items1 sent to EU countries2 without EAD or with insufficient/inaccurate EAD may be delayed or returned to the sender.

We cannot refund the postage on international mail items that are delayed or returned to senders owing to a determination made by the destination customs authority3.

Several cases have already occurred where some EU countries have delayed items or returned them to senders because of missing or insufficient/inaccurate EAD.

Please use the International Mail My Page Service for transmitting EAD.

  • International Mail My Page Service

  1. The following international mail services require transmission of EAD:
    EMS (containing goods), International parcels, Small packets, International ePacket and International ePacket Light.
  2. For a detailed list of countries/territories, please check here (PDF:132kB).
  3. We may partially refund the postage only in case an item is returned to the sender by the exchange office in Japan before being dispatched to its destination owing to a determination made by the destination customs authority.

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