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Utilization of International Mail My-Page for tracked items sent to the US in line with enactment of the STOP Act

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May 24, 2019

In a notice issued on August 13, 2018, Japan Post announced that failure to send customs information1 on international tracked mail2 electronically to the USPS would result in increased time for items to clear customs and security control3 after September 1, 2018. We have received further notice from the USPS as described below.

After the STOP Act4 was enacted in the US, the USPS announced that failure to submit customs information electronically in advance may result in the return of tracked mail items or significant delay at customs and security control starting from January 1, 2021.

We ask that customers utilize our online shipping services such as International Mail My-page Service, International Mail My-page Service for Yu Pri-touch or the like for international tracked postal items, and then submit international mail destined for addresses in the US at the post office. Japan Post will then send customs information on the mail items to the USPS electronically. We recommend that international postal service customers switch to Japan Post's online shipping services.

Please be advised that delivery of EMS, parcels, etc. sent to the US with the current handwritten label may be delayed or the items returned after January 1, 2021.

  1. Customs information: Name and address of sender and addressee, content, price of content, and other information noted on the customs declaration
  2. Subject mail: EMS, parcel post, registered items, ePacket and ePacket Light
  3. Other than the US, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, UK, France, Spain and other countries also demand customs information electronically.
  4. A law that obligates the USPS to provide US customs with advance information regarding international mail sent to addresses in the US as an anti-terrorism measure and to prevent illegal importation of illicit drugs and other items.

International Mail My-page Services

There are two types of International Mail My Page Service: International Mail My-page Service mainly for businesses, and International Mail My-page Service for Yu Pri-touch for individual users.

Service Target Advantages
International Mail My-page Service
(website for PCs)
  • Individuals who often send international mail (EMS, etc.)
  • Businesses
  • Need to register as an International Mail My-page user; however, shipping history can be confirmed and re-entry is not necessary.
International Mail My-page Service for Yu Pri-touch
(website for smartphones)
  • Individual senders
  • Individuals not registered as International Mail My-page users can create labels easily using their smartphone.
  • Registered users will find it even more convenient using shipping history.

International Mail My-page Services have a dedicated website providing convenient services for users of international mail. It can be utilized to send postal items to all countries. Please click the link below for more information.


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