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Expand the handling Post Offices for Cool EMS service

November 7, 2016

We add the handling Post Offices for Cool EMS service from November 7, 2016.

Added Post Offices

Prefecture Post Office
Hokkaido Sapporo-Kita Post Office, Teine Post Office
Iwate Ofunato Post Office, Miyako Post Office
Toyama Toyama-Nishi Post Office
Ishikawa Shin-Kanazawa Post Office
Fukui Fukui-Minami Post Office
Shiga Yokaichi Post Office
Osaka Higashinari Post Office
Hyogo Higashinada Post Office
Tokushima Komatsushima Post Office
Kagawa Takamatsu-Minami Post Office
Ehime Uwajima Post Office, Ozu Post Office, Seiyo Post Office, Matsuyama-Nishi Post Office, Yawatahama Post Office
Kochi Kochi-Higashi Post Office

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