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Changes to the International Mailing Services due to the Universal Postal Convention Enforcement

December 18, 2013

Due to the effectuation of the Universal Postal Convention (Doha Convention), some of the international mailing services will change as of January 1, 2014.
Main changes are outlined below.

1 Changes to the postal items shipment conditions
(1) Literature for the blind
Name and indication on the postal items
"Literature for the blind" is changed into the "Items for the blind".
Expansion of the items allowed for shipment
Visually impaired senders as well as the organizations serving the blind will be now able to send braille writing equipment, braille watches, and white canes as outlined in the attached appendix (PDF10Kbytes, in Japanese Version Only).
(2) Special handling
Registered Standard Sea Mail as well as Insured Standard Sea Mail will be abolished.
2 Changes to the damage compensation system
If Registered Mail, Standard Parcel, Insured Mail as well as International Express Mail are lost or damaged, the addressee will be now only able to claim for damages if the sender waives in writing their rights for the benefit of the addressee.
3 Changes to the International Mailing Regulations List
For details please refer to the International Mailing Regulations List following the change date.

Shipment Conditions

Amendments Country or Territory
Handling of Express Mail Standard Mail Grenada, Nepal
× Belgium, Gibraltar
Parcel Mail × Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Guyana, Mauritania, Oman
Handling of Registered Mail Registered Sea Mail abolished All countries and territories
SAL Registered Mail abolished Australia, Greenland, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Finland, Poland
Handling of Insured Standard Mail Abolished Airmail Fiji, Jamaica, Myanmar, Nauru
Sea Mail All countries and territories
Maximum insured amount changed Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Italy, Kyrgyz Republic, Nepal, Slovakia, Chad
Handling of Insured Parcels Abolished Guyana, Mauritania, Oman, Saint Vincent, Trinidad and Tobago
Maximum insured amount changed Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Central Africa, Falkland Islands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkmenistan
Handling of lithium batteries Airmail Armenia, Tanzania, Bahrain, Jordan, Rwanda
× Afghanistan, Egypt, Eritrea, Haiti, Venezuela, Botswana, Laos
Sea Mail × Laos

For details on lithium batteries' shipment by Airmail, SAL or International Express Mail please check the following "Conditions for Sending Lithium Batteries by International Mail"( : in Japanese Version Only).

Appendix: Items that can be sent by people with visual impairment as well as the organizations serving the blind (PDF10Kbytes, in Japanese Version Only).


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