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What articles are considered "Valuables"?

For International Mail, Valuables include

Coins, bank notes, paper money, bearer securities, traveler's checks, processed or unprocessed platinum, gold/silver, gem, precious stones, and other valuables.

Other valuables include

(1) gold, silver, platinum, other precious metals, and alloys comprising these metals as the primary ingredients and products using these metals.
  • *Including gold/silver-plated products.
Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, alexandrite, chrysoberyl, topaz, spinel, emeralds, aquamarine, veil, taourmaline, zircon, chrysolite, garnet, opals, jade, crystal, agates, cat's-eyes, tiger's eyes, malachite, turquoise, moonstone, lazurite, kunzite, arad stone, hematite and products created out ot them.
Pearl and its products.

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