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Package Requirements

What materials should I use for packages, such as cardboard boxes, bags or other things?

International postal items are transported over longer distances and require more transport time than domestic items. International postal items may also be loaded onto and off airplanes or ships several times before arriving at the destination. Therefore, in order to prevent the contents from being damaged or broken, please pack your postal items in materials strong enough to withstand transport and so that they do not come open on the way.

Please also note that if you reuse a box for electronic goods such as a PC or a digital camera or one with pictures of meat products, vegetables or fruit, it may be regarded as containing dangerous or restricted goods and may not be accepted at the destination. It may also cause a delay in customs clearance or refusal of importation at the destination country/territory.

We recommend using packages or boxes without such pictures and marks when you send international postal items.

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