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How do I send mail to a U.S. military base in Japan (to an APO or FPO address) ?

Mail is delivered under the following conditions.

Types of mail that can be sent

Regular mail (letters, postcards, printed matter, small packages)

  • We hand over mail to the U.S. Military Post Office in Japan, so mail can be delivered to U.S. military bases in Japan even if mail service to the U.S. mainland has been suspended.

Special handling that can be added

Registered (for regular mail only)
Insured (for postal parcels only)
Notification of receipt (registered regular mail and insured postal parcels only)


Rates are shown in Table 8 of the International Mail Provisions.

How to write the recipient’s name and address on the mail item or shipping label

Write the recipient's name, affiliation or unit name, address and APO/FPO + a 5- or 9-digit number on the surface of the mail item.
For postal parcels, in principle, use a normal (carbon copy type) “international parcel label”, leaving the columns for the method of delivery (Air, SAL, or Surface) and country blank.
When using the International Mail My Page label, the method of delivery (Air, SAL, or Surface) and the country name printed on the label must be crossed out by drawing double lines through them to indicate they are invalid. (If not, the item may be shipped overseas by mistake.)

Regular mail

Postal parcel

  • It is not necessary to send electronic advanced data for mail addressed to U.S. military bases in Japan.

For sending mail from a U.S. military base overseas

Please send international mail addressed to the country or territory where the U.S. military base is located as usual. Rates and mailing conditions are the same as for normal international mail.
However, mail addressed to a U.S. military base overseas with an APO/FPO number as the addressee's address may be returned for reason of incomplete address depending on the country of destination. For details, please refer to the International Mail Conditions.

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