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Handling of mail in Asian countries during the Lunar New Year period

April 4, 2024

Please note that there may be delays in deliveries of postal items because of holidays associated with the Lunar New Year or the Songkran Festival period in the following Asian countries.
Our acceptance of various international mail items has been temporarily suspended due to the ongoing reduction in transportation capacity to various countries and territories.
For details on the latest status concerning the acceptance of mail items destined to countries and territories worldwide and information about delivery delays of mail items and other matters, please check here.

Country Period Exchange Office Operations1 Customs Operations2 Delivery Operations Inquiry Operations3
Cambodia Sat., Apr 13 - Tue., Apr 16 × × × ×
Thailand Sat., Apr 13 - Tue., Apr 16 × ×
Myanmar Sat., Apr 13 - Sun., Apr 21 × × × ×
Laos Sat., Apr 13 - Thu., Apr 18 × × × ×

○…handled  ×…not handled


  1. Exchange office operations refer to the processing of international postal items sent from Japan or items addressed to Japan.
  2. Customs operations refer to customs clearance for international postal items.
  3. Inquiry operations refer to tracking and investigation for international postal items.

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